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West End Church is a place where you can learn to trust God with your life. Because of who Jesus is and what He did for us, we honor Him with our time, our energy, our finances, and our relationships.


We put a lot of energy into creating safe and fun environments where kids can learn about Jesus! West End Kids is a place where faith, imagination, and learning go hand-in-hand. 


West End Students is designed to give students, grades 6-12, a place where they can ask honest questions, connect with Jesus, and find a community of faith with other students.


Groups are where we do life together.  They are a great way to meet other people, build relationships and share our experiences in our walk with God. No matter your age, interest or situation, groups are where all of us can grow. 


Because of our volunteers that serve, we’re able to create a welcoming environment that helps connect people to Jesus. We all get to bring our gifts and talents together to serve a greater purpose.