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Called, Loved, and Kept

“To those who have been called,

who are loved by God the Father

and kept by Jesus Christ…”

Jude 1

Jude opens his letter with this lovely salutation to the believers of his day, and thus to all of us present-day believers as well. This small, opening statement is filled with truths that can bring us hope in the midst of dark days.

First and foremost, we see the work of the Trinity in our daily lives. We have been called by name and drawn to salvation by the Holy Spirit; we are loved by God the Father; and kept by Jesus Christ. What do these statements mean to my life, today?

I have been called

Romans 11:29 tells us that “God’s gifts and His call are irrevocable.” There are many days that I feel very “un-called,” unskilled, and unworthy! But Scripture—the objective standard of Truth—reminds me that my calling is not dependent upon my feelings, my skills, or even my level of spirituality. It’s not dependent on ME at all; my calling remains because I have been called by the Holy Spirit.

I am loved by God

The psalmist cries out in Psalm 94:17, “When I said, ‘my foot is slipping,’ Your unfailing love, Lord, supported me.” Being loved by God the Father means that His love is always supporting me. I am on His mind! He cares about where I am, and who I am. Andrew Murray said, “As one of His redeemed ones, you are His delight, and all His desire is to you, with the longing of a love which is stronger than death and which many waters cannot quench…you are to Him inexpressibly more indispensable and precious than you even can know.”

I am kept by Jesus Christ

What does it mean to be “kept”? The dictionary defines “kept” in the following ways:

--to maintain possession of

--to provide with necessities; to support, raise, and feed

--to cause to continue in some condition or position

--to fulfill

--to remain fresh and unspoiled

These are all things that Jesus Christ does for you and me as we are kept by Him. He gives us security in an uncertain world. Allow these truths to penetrate your heart and mind as you seek to be filled with His joy. We are called, loved, and kept!

Creator of earth, sky, and sea

The beauty and color of all the world

Display each day the glorious truth

That You are calling me

Creator of mercy and love

My weak humanity cannot grasp

That Your vast Holiness thinks of me

In the midst of heaven above

Creator of body and soul

From the moment I was given breath

You have kept me in exquisite faithfulness

Making my brokenness whole.


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