Small Groups

Small groups are about circles, not just rows.

We believe that spiritual growth and relationships are best nurtured in community and that’s why Small Groups are an essential part of who we are as a church. Check out the information here to find out more about how you can dive into a circle of people who care about each other and about learning and living out God’s word.

Ready to join a small group?
Are you looking for a way to grow in your faith and a place where you belong? Welcome home to Small Groups at West End! These groups are a core part of how we do life together and mature as Christ-followers. They’re also one of the main ways we minister to others in relationship and community.
Who will be in my group?
Groups are spread around RVA so you can connect with people in your part of town. Some are multi-generational because we believe generations have a lot to learn from one another and we want to impact the places we live. Some are mixed (men & women), some are just for men and some just for women. Most groups will have somewhere between 6 to 12 people.
How long is my commitment?
Our yearly schedule is made up of three shorter blocks: Sept-Dec, Jan-March, and April-June. We make it easy for you to try a group for a few months and then decide. Although, we think you’ll love it and want to continue!
When will we meet?
Most groups meet on weekdays, usually two to three times each month. We’ll let you know the full schedule well in advance.  
Where will we meet?
Groups can meet anywhere, but most choose to meet in homes. Some groups may want to move around to give people the opportunity to host a meeting in their home if they choose. But don’t worry -- there’s never any pressure to host or lead a group if you don’t want to.
What will we learn?
Groups can dive deeper into the teaching from the West End weekend services, do topical studies or tackle different books of the Bible. There’s usually a discussion guide or book that will be given to you at the initial group meeting. This allows us to learn and grow together as we practically apply the teaching in the Bible.
To register or gather more info:
Call the church office at (804) 270-0440 or email us at